Heroes for Heroes

Meet Hunter, a golden retriever puppy with a very special future. Hunter is training with the Hero Dogs program, an organization that places specially-trained dogs with disabled veterans for vital daily assistance and unconditional friendship.

Hunter was named after Bruce Hunter, a veteran and senior utility instructor at BGE. He is one of hundreds of veterans BGE is proud to have as important members of the BGE family of employees. BGE’s White Marsh training center is proud to sponsor Hunter’s training.

Hunter’s Learning Journey

Training for Hunter will be divided into three phases. The first and longest phase will be his 18-month “puppy phase” where he will be raised by a “puppy handler” in the handler’s own home. During this time, Hunter will learn essential behaviors at Hero Dogs training classes.

If Hunter’s temperament, training and health are favorable after the puppy phase, the puppy handler will return Hunter to live at Hero Dogs for six months of “advanced training,” where he will learn specific tasks that will benefit the veteran who adopts him permanently.

The third phase matches Hunter with his new veteran owner. The two will continue to attend classes at Hero Dogs for six more months, where Hunter will learn and practice skills (like pulling open drawers, picking up dropped items, pushing buttons) that assist the veteran in everyday life.

The bond that forms between adopted Hero Dogs and their owners is a very special one and has often been described as life-saving. We’re all looking forward to the assistance and joy Hunter can bring to one very deserving vet.

BGE is a Proud Sponsor

Raising and training service dogs can be costly, so support for Hero Dogs is vital. BGE understands what a key role Hero Dogs play in the life of a disabled veteran and is excited to follow and support Lincoln and Hunter’s development. You can follow the dogs, too, by stopping back at BGE.com/HeroTails or on social media via #BGEHeroTails. We’ll keep you updated on their progress!

    About Hero Dogs

    Hero Dogs is a non-profit organization that raises and trains service dogs and places them free of charge with veterans with disabilities such as:

    • mobility challenges
    • hearing loss
    • psychological challenges

    Learn more about Hero Dogs and how they help our veterans: http://www.hero-dogs.org